Our team calls and saves you the endless frustration of dealing with your providers. BillTrim does all the work for you while you live your life.

BillTrim has a team of experts that negotiate on your behalf. They find promotional rates, customer loyalty discounts, special packages, and additional credits to get you the lowest bill possible.

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BillTrim will start working for you as soon as we receive your account information. We will notify you when we reduce your bill. We complete negotiation before the next billing cycle.


Most definitely. Your privacy and security is our highest priority and we will not share your information with anyone. The information you supply to us is only used to negotiate with your providers on your behalf. We’ll never sell it, share it, or give it away-no matter what.

BillTrim site is also secured with 256 encryption SSL! See the green https:// with a lock in front of it on the navigation bar. Companies like Google and Facebook use this to keep your information secure as well.

We provide multiple ways to send us your bills. 1. Upload your bills in image or pdf format. 2. Submit your user-name and password for your provider.

It should not take more than 7 minutes. And you only have to do it once!

Yes you can! Once you sign up with BillTrim, the upload image option is only one click away!

We look for the best deals in the market and current promotions and do not change service levels unless it is advantageous to our customer monetarily and functionally.


We only take 25% of your savings. So if we save you $100 then our fees is $25.

Once we know how much you will be saving this year, we ask you for your credit card information. You can also give us that during sign up, we won't charge without your permission.

Other Questions

Yes, send us any monthly bills, we will do our best to reduce them!