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10 Experts Share Their Best Ideas On How To Save Money

You disconnect your cable connection. You brown-bag your lunch most of the days. And lattes? You gave them up long back for the sake...
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Why Verizon is Funding a Wireless Competitor, Visible

The wireless industry has witnessed a revolution over the last few decades. In the previous few years, telecom giants like AT&T Mobility, Sprint, and...
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Don’t Buy A Car Without This Cheat Sheet

Car is not a random commodity you purchase every now and then. It requires a lot of money and planning. Since you have decided...
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Money Does Buy Happiness If You Spend It the Right Way

Money and happiness is a dependent soul. There is a frequent debate about how much money it takes for a person to be delighted....
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AT&T Sued Over Hidden Administrative Fee

AT&T is making the headlines these days, all thanks to the Administrative fee no one knows about. AT&T is slapped with a class-action lawsuit...
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7 Money Myths You Should Avoid

False belief about money is one of the factors that prevent many people from becoming financially successful. In fact, extensive financial myths adversely impact...
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8 Steps to Creating a Smart Financial Plan

Through thick and thin, in bad and good times, the people who successfully set goals and achieve them — at least financially — are...
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Chomp Down Your Bills With BillTrim

Whatever you’re paying for services like cell phone, cable, internet, it’s probably way higher than you have to pay. Now, it’s easier than ever...
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7 Painless Ways to Save Money

Admit it—being a responsible person is not always easy. The idea of saving money can be painful many times. Few of us give up...
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