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Chomp Down Your Bills With BillTrim

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Whatever you’re paying for services like cell phone, cable, and internet, it’s probably way higher than you have to pay. Now, it’s easier than ever to lower those bills with BillTrim.

Let’s Count the Reasons

If you are a regular visitor of our site or any other website dealing in personal finance, you already know that you can call your service provider’s customer support and negotiate a better deal. The contents always revolve around how to save money.

These big companies have an entire department dedicated to customer retention. You can almost always get them to play with you because they know they have competitors always ready to bring you on board. If they somehow refuse to lower your bill, you can cancel the service with them and signup with a rival company offering a much better deal at a lower price.

So Why Don’t More of Us Do It?

Yes, that’s an obvious question. But it does require some work on our part. To make sure the new deal you’re offered is a good one, you’ll have to do some research to figure out any other possibilities out there.
After research, the actual task is to speak to someone on the phone but be ready to remain on hold for too long. You must have come across all kinds of horror stories regarding people being stuck on hold for hours with customer support from companies like TimeWarner and Comcast.

Most of us have a busy schedule and are left with very little free time for this stuff. We don’t want to waste our free time researching cell phone carrier rates and talking to customer support reps.
If only there were a way that anyone else could do all of that for you. Hands down, that’s what BillTrim is known for.

What is BillTrim?

BillTrim will negotiate with your current providers to lower your bills. They possess expertise working on your cell phone, cable, internet, home security, insurance, and energy service providers. They have a success rate of more than 95%. According to BillTrim, the average customer who shares their bills to negotiate saves $1000+ each year.

How does it work?

This infographics depicts the overall procedure of Billtrim and how effectively we lower your electric bill
BillTrim is extremely easy to use. Enter your contact number to get started. Link your monthly bills like cell phone, internet, cable, energy, and insurance, and select the right service provider. The robust machine learning technology will scrap your bills from the respective service provider and display them under your profile dashboard.

They will show you estimate savings they can manage to get for you upfront. After the initial onboarding, your bills will be assigned to one of the expert negotiators. They know what offers your provider, and other competitors have, and they even know what other consumers are paying for the same usage and to the same provider.

After a few hours, you will receive a mail showing the total amount they were able to save you, the date the lower rate goes into effect, the amount you’ll save each month, how much you owe Billtrim, and the due date of your first payment to Billtrim. The negotiation service is open to both individuals and businesses. You can easily navigate through the status of the negotiation at any time by logging on to the site.

The Cost

Bill Receipt to customers from Billtrim
Billtrim charges a fee of 25% of the money they save for you in a year. Suppose, if they save you $100, the fee is $25. The best part is, if they somehow fail to lower your bills, there is no charge. BillTrim will send you an email with the invoice and a link to attach your PayPal or credit card information. You will be charged the entire amount immediately.

For Example, if Billtrim saves you $100 per month, their service charge is $25, and they will charge you $25*12= $300 at once.

The Scope

Well, BillTrim could lower your bundled cable bill by canceling the subscription. Don’t worry; they don’t. The company only negotiates the bill and never cancels without your consent.

They will never change your service provider without your approval. They may, however, change your plans or data capacity to lower your costs. This is applicable only if the system analyzes your usage pattern and over the last 12-month period you are not using as much as you are paying for. Especially when you are paying for unlimited data.

“Most unlimited plans are restricted after a certain point, which means once you hit around 5GB or 10GB or 15GB data usage, you can expect your data speed to drop down considerably.”

Is BillTrim Worth It?

Of Course! Of all the negotiation services available in the market, BillTrim is the best because they have a higher negotiation success rate and charge just 25% for the service. Moreover, they save money and time, two things all of us could use more of.

You can communicate with your negotiator via text messages. The one thing they might need apart from your billing details is the 4-digit PIN. The best part is, they will save you money within 24 hours of bill linking.

Give BillTrim a try. They are capable of saving hundreds of dollars without you putting in any extra effort.

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Alex Proud trimmer, saver, and negotiator. I like to pay what's fair not a penny more. Fighting this battle with a smile!

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