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How To Cancel Time Warner Cable in 4 Easy Steps

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Charter acquired Time Warner Cable in May 2016. After that, all Time Warner cable services come under the Charter Spectrum brand, and customers receive bills with the Spectrum logo. Trying to cancel time warner cable service? Earlier it was tedious and frustrating work. We came up with the steps where you can cancel time warner cable service without the hold time and unusual questions/excuses. Follow the below-mentioned steps and cancel the service efficiently.

Step 1:- Speak to the Retention

First thing first, call Time Warner’s retention department. Their customer service number is 1-800-892-2253. Before you talk to a human, a pre-recorded robot menu is what you have to cross through. Navigate through the menu until you select the option to cancel your service. After choosing the option, you will connect to the retention department.

Call retention department to cancel time warner cable subscription
The automated robot menu is a bit lengthy and you need to wait for a few minutes. Never jump to billing or technical support departments, as they will transfer you to an overseas call center. If you want someone else to wait on hold for you and get things done successfully, try using BillTrim.

Now that you opt for “cancellation service,” you are most likely to connect to a human being. Make sure you verify that you are talking to the retention department. If by any chance, the person on the other side is not from the retention department, ask him/her to “warm” transfer the call. With a warm transfer, the first agent will wait until the call is transferred to the right destination.

A “cold” transfer means they’ll hang up and the system will transfer the call. It has a good chance that you end you holding for a very long time before some human takes forward. If you overcome this obstacle, you’re on your way to successfully cancel the time warner cable connection. So what’s next?

Step 2:- Be Ready With Your Excuse

Yes, you have to make a solid excuse, so reliable, the customer reps don’t have any solution with them. Inform the agent that you’re moving to a different country, probably England. As we already discussed in our How to Cancel DirecTV Subscription in 5 Easy Steps, a leaked employee manual revealed the best ways to cancel the service.

While Time Warner Cable is a different cable company, the reason for cancellation remains almost the same. Below mentioned are some of the instances when a Time Warner customer rep will allow their customer to cancel the service without putting any effort from their side to stop you from canceling.
1. Customer is moving to an area where time warner cable does not provide their service.
2. The account holder is incapacitated/deceased.
3. Hit by Natural disaster.
4. Temporary disconnection and seasonal suspension are not available in the area.
5. Customer shifting in with an existing Time Warner cable customer.
Some of the reasons mentioned above may not be used by a regular customer. It is difficult to pretend you’re dead. Moreover, if you tell them you are moving with someone having a Time Warner cable connection, be ready to answer more questions from the service rep.

Customer support will find it unusual if you tell them you’ve been hit by a hurricane in California. However, the best is to say to them you are moving to an area where time warner cable does not provide their services. It’s kind of the secret to quickly canceling your Time Warner cable connection without answering many questions.

Stuck With Time Warner Cable?

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Step 3:- Stay Firm and Be Friendly

Be friendly on call to cancel time warner cable subscription
Time Warner Cable reps will try their best to stop you from canceling the service. They will keep offering you a lower price, or tell you they’ll shift the services to the new location. They might even go a step ahead and throw in showtime or slightly faster internet without any additional cost. But the worst is, they will ask you to update the contract for another year or two. Have patience and keep in mind that you have to cancel your service anyhow.

Remember one thing, the rep talking to you carries much importance in the overall process. If they somehow commit a mistake, your cable services might not get canceled. Or it may happen that they will cancel the services immediately even though you still need it for a few more days.

However, the more helpful you are, the fewer “mistakes” happen. Try to be nicer, and your services will terminate on the day you wish to, with everything tied up the way you want it to be.

Step 4:- Return Time Warner Cable Equipment (without getting unreturned equipment fees)

The most crucial step after canceling the service with Time Warner Cable is returning the equipment. If you fail to return something, Time Warner Cable will include it on the bill or send it to collections. They would penalize you a much higher amount even for that old remote that you find useless.

So make sure you ask them about the list of equipment that you’ll need to return them. Note down the serial numbers of each piece of equipment. One of the cable companies’ best tricks to increase your bills is by including unreturned items.

There are two ways you can return the equipment to Time Warner Cable. First, in a prepaid box. Or second, drop off at any of the Time Warner Cable Stores near you. Don’t forget to take photos of all the equipment, and make sure the serial number matches the one the service reps told you on the phone.

If you are using a prepaid box, take a picture of the box along with the equipment. When opting for a store visit for returning, take a picture of the equipment on the counter. Once you submit it, the store manager will give you a receipt. Sometimes the box or equipment isn’t scanned properly or is misplaced, so in that case, you can present the pictures as evidence. Now you are one step away.

Confirm for the Last Time

You’re almost done, but the final step is much more crucial. Call them and confirm that you’ve canceled the service. After the first four steps, call Time Warner Cable and ask them to verify that the cancellation is done correctly and everything else will be sorted. If you want to be extra cautious, ask them these questions:-
1. Is there any outstanding balance on the account?
2. Is there any unreturned equipment?
3. Is the service fully canceled?
Make sure that all the answers you receive from the rep match up with your expectation. If there is any discrepancy, ask the agent to fix the things while staying on the call and then repeat this step once more.

Hurray! You Canceled Time Warner Cable!

confirm that you cancelled the time warner cable connection successfully
You finally nailed it! Congratulations! This guide may be a bit longer, but if you follow all the steps carefully, it will get the work done efficiently. To brief all the things: Speak with the retention team, and give them a solid excuse that you are shifting to a different country, e.g., England.

Be friendly with the service rep and return any equipment you rented, cross-check, and confirm everything. If you want someone else to do all this for you, BillTrim is always around the corner. Either way, once this is handled by someone expert in negotiation, it’ll be one less hurdle to worry about.

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Alex Proud trimmer, saver, and negotiator. I like to pay what's fair not a penny more. Fighting this battle with a smile!

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