How To Return DirecTV Equipment

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Return DirecTV Equipment following these simple steps:

If Directv Asks You to Go to Fedex or Ups(Quickest Way)

return directv equipment at your nearest fedex store easily
1. Avoid Packing anything. Just take your unboxed equipment and 9-digit account number to your nearest FedEx or UPS Store.
2. FedEx Office or The UPS Store will pack and ship your equipment back to DirecTV at no additional cost to you.
3. They will give you a receipt that confirms your return and informs the service provider that the equipment is on its way.

If Directv Sends You a Return Kit

return directv equipment like this when you cancel your subscription
1. Carefully pack up the equipment you’re sending back to DirecTV in the air-bubble bag.
2. Attach the prepaid shipping label that comes inside the mailbox to the return kit.
3. Hand over the package to your mail carrier or drop it off at a post office.
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If Directv Includes a Return Label in Your New Equipment Box

1. Prefer using the materials found in the box your new equipment came in to further pack up your equipment.
2. Look at the bottom of the return shipping label. Tear it off.
3. Stick the return shipping label on top of the original label.
Remove other tags. Please keep in mind, without this return label, it won’t reach DirecTV.

Find out Where to Drop off Your Equipment.

1. If you have DIRECTV or Fixed Wireless Internet – Drop it off at your nearest post office or FedEx location.
2. If you have U-verse TV or AT&T Internet – Please drop the equipment box off at any authorized UPS drop-off location near you.
In some cases, your DirecTV service rep will inform that they don’t want the receiver back. They typically mention this to you at the time of deactivation. If you don’t receive the recovery kit in the mail within a month, make sure to call your rep immediately. They will help you in this case so you won’t end up paying fine to DirecTV.

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