How to Cancel Sling TV in 4 Easy Steps

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Accessing Sling TV through smart phone

Sling TV is an American Internet Television Service owned by Dish Network. Launched in January 2015 in the USA, it complements the subscription video on demand services for cord cutters. The basic subscription costs $25 and to watch your favorite show, you might end up spending even more. Managing Sling TV isn’t that simple. If you want to cancel sling TV subscription, follow the steps below:

1. Sign In

Sign in to your sling profile. You can log in using chrome, safari, firefox web browser to cancel your Sling subscription.

2. Go to My Accounts

“My Accounts” is where you can manage each and everything about your account. You can find options like billing and subscription information. Apart from that, it also displays auto-renew time and date.

Click “Cancel Subscription”

As soon as you click on the “Cancel Your Subscription” option, a pop-up menu will appear. Confirm that you want to keep or cancel Sling TV subscription.
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3. Confirm Your Cancellation to Cancel Sling TV Subscription

One thing is obvious, Sling doesn’t want to let go of their existing customers easily. So, they may offer you some upfront incentive to stay in the loop.
Many times, Sling TV offers a free HDTV antenna just to keep you for another few months. If you want that, well and good. Else, click on the “Confirm Cancellation” option.

Leave Sling Feedback

Sling is curious to know- what exactly went wrong that you decided to cancel Sling TV subscription? It will help Sling solve any problems with a resource page or improve the existing services. Be gentle and tell them what’s the real reason for the cancellation.

4. Receive Cancelation Confirmation via Email

Check your email for the cancellation confirmation from Sling TV. If you didn’t get the confirmation email, contact Sling TV on this number – 1-855-428-7201 to make sure all the steps followed well.
You’re good to enjoy watching Sling TV for the duration of your billing cycle. If you ever want to renew your subscription, all you need to do is re-login to your account.
Note:- To avoid future billing, change your password after you cancel your subscription. Else, if you login again with the credentials, Sling TV might charge you with a renewal fee.