Why Hire a Professional for Bill Negotiation?

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“Bill Negotiation” is a trending topic these days. The reason for this is huge bills from the service providers and no proper explanation as to why they charge so much.
What if I tell you, you can hire a professional for bill negotiation and lower each one of your monthly bills? I mean it really, and I am not kidding. Sure you can negotiate yourself as well, but let’s not undermine the complexity of bill negotiation as a skill.
It’s a well-practised skill, and you need to do that for years, and the learning still goes on forever.  If you do it all by yourself, it will require an immense amount of time and effort. It’s a practised skill, and you won’t get the whole of results that you could have gotten with the help of a skilled negotiator.

What will be my savings like?

Let me explain this with a simple scenario. Let’s suppose you get $15 off your cell phone bill, $35 off your cable/satellite package, and $15 off your internet bill per month, $65 off on your Auto insurance, and $20 off on your home electricity bill.
With the help of an expert negotiator, you end up saving $150 per month. And you know, the best part is, it continues to remain lower month after month.
Now, $150 in a month comes out to be $1800 a year and in 5 years you almost save $9000 (sounds like you will upgrade to the latest iPhone every year for the next 5 years without spending a single penny).
upgrade to latest iPhone by hiring a professional negotiator

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That’s How it All Started!

BillTrim has done just that! Several times and served more than 100,000 customers to date. Our CEO Dipesh Desai, came up with this whole business concept revolving around bill negotiation after going through enough pain negotiating his cable and electricity bills back when he was in Houston. It was then he realized, that this is a common problem among all utility consumers and it makes no sense to suffer in this age and time.
BillTrim uses modern day technologies to gather all plans, deals, incentives, from all utility provider across the United States and has in-house trained professional negotiators. These bill negotiators are really, really good at what they do. They negotiate all of your bills on your behalf and make sure sure you get the absolute best price.

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It is a Win-Win Situation.

You do not pay a single penny up front. Not a single penny.
So how we get paid? I know this question is lurking in your mind for sure. Let’s clear this up.
Once we have worked our magic and lowered your bills, we take 25% of the amount that we saved you as our fee for 12 months, and after the 12 months, you get the total savings.
We save that part of your money which is not an easy task for you to do all by yourself. Moreover, there is no risk seeking for the service because you aren’t paying a single dollar for anything until you get a lower and competitive rate for your existing services.
The coolest part? BillTrim will try to save as much money as possible because they will get 25% of the savings! The more you save the more we make. ?

Am I Overpaying?

The potential to save on your monthly bills is enormous. In 2018, US consumers overpaid by 2.5 billion. You may believe that you need to pay what’s mentioned on your bills, and you hardly think it can be negotiated further.
But the reality is far from this. With the negotiated amount you can attack your debt or put that money to use or save for the future.

Perks of Hiring BillTrim for Bill Negotiation!

Apart from saving dollars, you avoid anger, frustration, sneakiness of providers and save time.
Correct me if I am wrong, but you might have tried bill negotiation earlier and that you are looking for bill negotiation services means you have realized that it’s not easy.
Well, it totally depends on the sincerity of your service provider. They can offer you a great deal in the first place but won’t share the hidden charges and fees. Other times, you can grab an “awesome deal,” only to find that someone else is using the same package at $50/month lower than you.
Not to mention, the hassle of long hold times and then following up every time just to make sure they are doing exactly what they promised to do is another headache.
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It’s a Hassle. It’s Not amusing. But it’s Essential.

I strongly recommend that if you have been putting this off, then it’s high time you must visit BillTrim now. It’s crucial to lower the bills and start saving as early as possible so that your savings add up.
The best time to negotiate was 10 years back, the second best time is NOW. I would much rather you get this done now with just a few clicks, as BillTrim takes around 3 minutes to get you on-board.

How to Get Started with Bill Negotiation?

It’s really, really easy. Just a few CLICKS and you are on-board. Once you signup, you need to share your user credentials with our system. You can exactly do the same for all your bills. Once our system validates all the invoices you provide and the Credit Card credentials, we’ll get to work right away to start saving you money.
Once you signup and share your billing credentials with us, we ask for your credit card to validate your account. BillTrim then sends you an email with the exact total savings on the monthly bills and how much you owe us. After you approve, we charge your credit card for that amount (25% of the savings).

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