5 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Bills

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Every time the month ends, your pockets have to bear the monthly bills for utilities like mobile, internet, electricity, gas, grocery, cable and much more. We don’t realise that we have to sacrifice on a lot of luxuries with these mammoth bills eating up our pockets. As we keep on paying these bills every month, it becomes a routine and we become complacent towards it and take no actions to reduce the bills.
We don’t bother to have a check on our monthly payments. For instance, we pay our mobile bills regularly, but we never check the extra add on of taxes and hidden charges. Just think of how much money can be saved if you give attention to your monthly bills. You can have a much better idea about the charges of the services you pay for.
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Most importantly, we don’t know how to save on our monthly bills? We don’t scan our bills to understand the separately added charges. There is a wrong perception in our mind that the price for the services increases with the time.
We just have to do some customer service trick to slash our monthly bills and expenses. By being a little smart, we can have all those luxuries that we are missing out due to the onerous monthly bills.

Cable Services Bills:

No, don’t misinterpret the above point. We are not suggesting you to stop watching television. You should call the cable provider for any discount offer and bonus plans. In addition, you can also check other cable services available in the market. There are chances that you might end up with a better plan with less payment.
We recommend that you should consider those channels which you don’t need. You can customise your channel pack with adding and removing certain channels. When you remove those useless channel options, you can save on your monthly cable bills. Apart from that, return your extra cable T.V. boxes. You can use that money for other expenses.

Internet Services Bill: 

The Internet has become a need rather than a luxury. But, then ask yourself how much internet do you use? And how much do you pay for? Several internet users miss out on optimum utilisation of their internet plan. It means they pay more than they use.
Internet service providers are very smart to pitch a plan with higher tariffs. If you are using data for just social media and to surf around on Google, then you don’t need those unlimited data plans. There are plenty of options available to track your data usage. For instance, if you have an iPhone then you can use My Data Usage Pro to get the knack of data usage tracking.
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Mobile Network Services Bill:

Nowadays, cell phone service providers compete for a larger market share. Make sure you get the most out of their competition. Keep an eye on the best possible option for you. There are several service providers and therefore, you have to select the best network option.
You have to make sure that you are not fooled with the postpaid plans. There are incidents of hidden charges and other charges in the total billing amount. We suggest you ask your service provider about those charges included in the bill. Maybe you can get a return or better tariff option.

Electricity Services Bill:

It may happen that you don’t have many options available with the electricity service providers. But you can still save big on electricity expenses with little common sense. Generally, electricity expenses are the most expensive bill you pay in the month end. At the same time, it is the most complicated bill to find that saving option.
The best way is to purchase energy efficient electronic appliances. For instance, if you are buying an AC then make sure it consumes less electricity without compromising on the comfort.

Streaming Services Bill:

The streaming services are covering the market with impressive content. As an entertainment lover, we want to watch our favourite series and movies on these online streaming services.
But before selecting a streaming service, please look at the available options. You can easily compare the best plans of different streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hot Star etc.
The trick is to choose the plan with the bonus, cash-backs, and discounts. There are many offers available with paying the bills for streaming services through credit card and e-wallets. You can find the streaming services which have the billing option with cash backs, bonuses, and discounted tariff plans.
We hope that with the above-mentioned tips you’ll be able to save a lot on your monthly bills. So be smart and save on your bills without compromising on your luxuries.
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