Money is a Belief – SPEND MORE SMARTLY

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It costs money to eat, it costs money to feed other people, it costs money to survive. Money buys you the freedom to do the things that you love in life. And it allows you to help and feed other people as well. So you want to have money and income streams, this way you can live life on your terms doing the things that you enjoy doing.

BUT YOU DO NOT…I MEAN DO NOT want to hoard all the cash and Save …save…save…and save all the money in your bank, thinking that one day you are going to be rich by saving all the money even though the majority of the people say you should do. 

Nobody Ever Got Rich by Saving Their Money! 

Money is a belief, spend more smartly in investment

Problem is that the money you are hoarding and saving is losing value to inflation every single day.

Right now banks are paying you around 1% a year if you are lucky the inflation is 3% a year. So every day the money you save is losing the buying power and the value. 

A $100 can buy you more than a $100 10 years from now.

So You Should Spend Your Money in a Smart Way.  

You should have saving’s for emergency and spendings but most of the money should be spent.
That doesn’t mean that you go out and plan to spend all the money on shoes and cars. What majority will do is, they will save money and go out and buy a Benz. Problem is things like your car, depreciate in value even faster than the money in your bank. 

That’s Not a Good Thing! 

Once you buy a new car, you put the keys in the ignition and drive off the lot, your car will lose about 18% of its value. That’s worse than you saved your money.

investment is the best way to spend money. Money is a belief.
Lose some value or Lose all value? What’s worse here! So if you shouldn’t use your money to buy cars what should you be using on? 

You should buy investment seeds. Investments seeds are things that grow and make you more money. 

The way it works it works, you buy investment seeds, plant it and you spend the time to nourish it in the beginning and the seed will begin to grow and become a tree and you will be able to live with the fruits the tree produces until you sell it.  

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Does It Mean You Should Have an Apple Farm? 

apple farm
Not necessarily, but farms can be a type of investment. if you have $100,000 saved up in your account, maybe you can buy a home, not for you to live in, but buy a home for somebody else to live in and then you can charge them rent to live there. 

That’s what I am talking about! instead of buying a car that loses value you can go out and buy a home, renovate it, make it look nice, then you can rent it out to a tenant who is getting the value of a nice home and in exchange of that value, they will pay you rent.

Now you converted your Sleeping money to a something a tangible value and the seed will pay you every month and over time real estate is known to go up in value while the money in your bank is always going down,  So this is what we did. You own a Tangible investment seed, You have an income stream, and you have protected yourself because if something happens with the sleeping money or the currency, now you own something of a value.

Now What Happens, If the Real Estate Price Crash?

Economics cycle happens. You are never guaranteed to make money when you invest, you might even lose money.  You can mitigate some of your risks by being a financially smart investor rather than being an emotional investor.  When people come and tell you “ Hey Real estate is going up, you should really invest in it. It’s an amazing time to invest, get on this trend right now. Invest more here”, that’s an emotional investorBut if you look at a deal and analyze the number which gives you a figure, lets say “ if the invest give you $10,000 a year whether or not the property value goes up”. Now you are thinking like a smart financial investor. and if the property value does go up it’s like icing on the cake.  Sometimes economic crashes create a huge opportunity for smart financial investors, as you will be able to pick up the investment seeds dirt cheap.So pay attention to what’s happening around you-you might know what’s happening n the economic cycle.  Now since you know money is a belief, You can share what you are told about money. 

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