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How to Speed Negotiate Your Internet Bill

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Let’s face it! We all have a love-hate relationship with our Internet bill. Nobody likes paying them but if we don’t pay the bills… “HEY, Who didn’t pay for the electricity??  

Followe these steps to speed negotiate internet bill without any hassle.

It gets worse when you open up an $83 cable and internet bill and there is a little note inside… AWW..u shouldn’t have!   

It's that easy to lower your internet bill

“Dear customer, we are making our services better for you, unfortunately, this isn’t free for us, so we have to raise your bill from $83 a month to $103 a month effective immediately. yours truly, your reliable cable & internet provider.” SIGH…you really shouldn’t have! How about you take the little note back and shove it #$@$@#$…

it's that simple to speed negotiate your internet bill

wooo… wooo… wooo….. Woh!  

  Just because they say they are gonna raise your rates that doesn’t necessarily mean that you accept it and pay the higher fees! If you have been paying attention to your bills, you might have noticed that companies try to increase your rates every year!    If they raise your rates, that means you are not locked in on any price. So, you can give them a call and you can negotiate your prices back down, and if you do it right you might even end up paying less than before.   

Here are 4 steps to help you negotiate your bills Lowerrrrr!

1. Act Confused

Call up the customer service number and act confused and ask them why they increased the price of the bill. “Hi, I just got my bill and I noticed that it’s $30 higher than normal. I am not sure why so high, could you look into that please” You don’t wanna come off as angry or annoyed at all.  

These customer services reps are people too. So, if they like you, they will be more likely to work with you, especially since most of their day is spent dealing with angry customers.       

People like to help out other nice people, especially if they don’t understand something that you understand really well. It’s just our general nature! And as a general life tip, People love hearing themselves talk :).  

So if you want somebody else to go out of their way for you, make them feel like they are the expert, and then SHUT UP! Let them talk! Once they give you their speech about company policy and da da da da da da…  THAT’S YOUR SIGN FOR REFERENCE!

2. Let Them Give You a Better Deal for your Internet Bill

Tell them about your loyalty and see what they can do.     

Cust: “ Oh man really! Is there anything you can do about the price? I have been your customer for 5 years and $103 is a lot”    

REP: Well sir, normally we are not allowed to do this, but since you have been our loyal customer we can get the price down to $95. That won’t be a problem 🙂 NOW WAIT!

Before you accept the offer or throw a counteroffer, you want them to negotiate against themselves first, so that way you can see how low they are willing to go.   

One of my favorite lines, which can potentially save you money:  “Hmmm, is that the best you can do?”    Once you say that few little words, just SHUT UP! Don’t say a thing, Let them negotiate within themselves, to figure out “what the best is”.   

If you throw out a number you will be stuck as to how low you can go. because if they accept it, you can’t go back and say ..” Oh, wait no! I wanna go even lower”. You will be stuck!  

It doesn’t matter what they offer you, ask them to do better. The worst thing they can say is “NO”.
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3. Now It’s Time to Bring in a Lifeline!

This step requires you to do a little bit of research beforehand because you wanna know what other companies are charging and you really want to know what new customer promotions are going on.             

“Ok, Thank you. I really appreciate you working with me on this. I was actually looking online a little earlier and I see that HMMM internet company is offering faster speed for only $85 a month. Is there any way you can beat that? I would love to stay with you guys because you have so good.”


It’s a business’s nightmare to have you go to their competitor especially if you have been paying your bills on time. Moreover, having you pay a little bit less each month, is a lot cheaper than losing you to their competitor. But don’t what I said earlier “BE NICE”.  

Nobody likes to be told what to do, so ask nicely. However, you don’t need to come out and say, “If you don’t pick this price I am leaving you guys and I am going to a competitor.”      

They already know that you have been thinking about leaving if you have been researching their competitors. So be friendly. If you are going to be rude, they will be thinking of hanging up on you and moving on to the next angry customer.       

4. This Is the Actual Negotiation for the Internet Bill.

“ Thank you again for working with me. Is there any way you can come down to $75 a month. If yes, I am ready to approve it right now”. This is the first time you should put up a number because if you put out your price early you will be stuck and will not be able to go lower.

It’s ok to offer something low here. The worst thing they can counter with is “SORRY, WE CANT”. They will give you their standard reasons as to why they can go that low. Let them finish what they got to say. Then you can ask them to check with their supervisor to see if that’s possible.

Talk to Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and Managers usually have the authority to bring the bill prices lower than what the customer service representative can. And if they know that you are speaking to other businesses, you can bet that they are going to do whatever they can to keep you happy because a lot of times they are paid based on results.    

These methods can possibly help you to negotiate your bills. There are a few constraints, as, it’s time-consuming, you might have to follow up at times, and you need to maintain your sanity.   

Otherwise, You can take the help of expert bill negotiators who can save you time and sanity with a minimal share of your savings and guarantees to lower your bills.  

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Alex Proud trimmer, saver, and negotiator. I like to pay what's fair not a penny more. Fighting this battle with a smile!