Why we started BillTrim?


Imagine going to an Apple store. What if they sold your friend an iPad for $200 and the same iPad to you for $500. Would that be fair? No but it’s being done everyday on your electricity, cable, internet and cell bills.

We have become numb to companies taking advantage of us. We are so busy with family and work that we don’t realize our bills are slowly increasing. Take a survey of 10 people with the same service and you will find 10 different rates.

BillTrim’s mission is to get your bills to the lowest amount possible, monitor them for even lower rates and continue to do so forever so that you never have to worry about overpaying for a service again.

BillTrim’s professional team works all day everyday to reduce bills and we know all the tricks of the companies we deal with. Once you sign up, we do all the work and you get all the savings for a nominal fee.

Our work is guaranteed and at no risk. If we cannot save you money, then you owe us nothing.


Meet the team behind BillTrim

We get excited seeing a fat bill! We LOVE trimming them!

Matt Turk
I played in the NFL for 19 years. I've always demanded the highest of performance from myself as well as others. With BillTrim you'll receive the best of service with qualified representatives fighting to save you every last dollar on your monthly bills.

Why pay more when you don't have to!?

At BillTrim, all your bills(Cell, Cable, Internet & Electric) will be examined and lowered.
In some cases saving and finding thousands per year to put back in YOUR pocket. Give BillTrim a chance! You've got nothing to lose. STOP giving away your hard earned money!
Dipesh Desai
Dipesh is a technology entrepreneur looking to make an impact on the world. He co-founded BillTrim with Matt. He believes BillTrim is the future for all the bills.
Anu Sura
Anu is a tech genius helping BillTrim with their online efforts. He is the gatekeeper to any change made to website. He can integrate technologies very quickly.