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Hear from our customers

Stuart Lindeman
BillTrim is amazing! I hate overpaying, but I am busy with newborn. All I did is upload all my bills to the site and they saved me $2459 on my bills.
Aaron Bunker
I love this company. They helped me save almost $1600 this year. They only get paid when you save. There is no risk just five minutes of your time. Try it!
Dave Cook
Reduced my bills by $1560 and got free HBO for 12 months without lifting a finger! They keep an eye on my bills throughout the year. I love BillTrim service.
Goerge Tagli
Bill Trim was easy to use and I felt like someone was looking out for me and helping me to get a fair price. Like most people, we often feel that large companies take advantage of the little guy and for that reason alone the concept of Bill Trim is appealing.
Zach Laks
Loved my experience. They were helpful and the process really worked - I saved a lot of money off my bills. Thanks!
Heather Austin
Were quick and efficient and got me the saving I wanted on both my bills. Well worth it.
Kevin Golden
They were able to save me nearly $2,000 a year on my cable, internet, and cell phone bills!

Frequently asked questions

Our team calls and saves you the endless frustration of dealing with your providers. BillTrim does all the work for you while you live your life. BillTrim has a team of experts that negotiate on your behalf. They find promotional rates, customer loyalty discounts, special packages, and additional credits to get you the lowest bill possible.
We believe in fairness above all. We, the founders, didn't grow up rich and understand the value of savings. If we reduce your bills by $400/year, you keep $300 in savings, we keep $100 for our services. Simple 75%-25% split on savings.
We look for the best deals in the market and current promotions and do not change service levels unless it is advantageous to our customer monetarily and functionally. We may get you better package for less!
BillTrim will start working for you as soon as we receive a valid credit card and valid account credentials. We will notify you when we reduce your bill. As long as you are responsive and submit all necessary information, we will negotiate all your bills within next 24 hrs.

Our guarantee to you

  • Exact same service, lower price
  • 24x7 Bill Monitoring
  • If you save nothing, you pay nothing
  • 100% money back guarantee

We respect your data privacy

Privacy policy

Your data is safe with us. We never give it to anyone for any reason period!

Bank level Security

We use 256-bit bank level SSL to protect your information.


We believe in transparency. You only pay us when you save.
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